Do you have to be gay to attend?


No, Acceptance is a welcoming ministry of LGBTIQ+ Catholics their family and friends affirming their dignity and faith. All are welcome who support this ministry.

Why do we need Acceptance?


A fundamental challenge for most gay Catholics is reconciling their faith and their sexuality. Acceptance Sydney has both a personal and social dimension to assist with this by providing a safe, spiritual and social environment, through Acceptance.

The celebration of the Sacraments is central to our lives as Catholics. The Eucharist is a focal point of the Acceptance ministry through active participation in a weekly parish Mass.

In addition to this, Acceptance promotes social justice, fellowship and a Catholic identity for GLBT Catholics their family and friends

In a time when many homosexual and heterosexual Catholics are turning away from the Church, Acceptance's mission is to affirm the authenticity and dignity of GLBT Catholics in our church through liturgy, witness, and fellowship.

Who runs Acceptance Sydney?


Acceptance Sydney is a not for profit incorporated association in NSW and therefore is governed by the Associations Incorporations Act 1984. The governance of Acceptance Sydney is administered by a dedicated Facilitation and Coordination Committee which meet every six weeks to plan events and discuss ways Acceptance Sydney can add value for GLBT Catholics. There are three key office bearers: Secretary; Treasurer and Public Relations Officer.    

Is Acceptance Sydney independent from the Catholic Church?


 Yes. Acceptance Sydney is independently run and exists to provide fellowship to LGBTIQ+ Catholics.



What if I'd like to unsubscribe from Acceptance emails?


Unsubscribing is simple, Just click here

We're very sorry to see you go! We work very hard to continually improve our communications and better understand our membership and community -we'd really appreciate 2 minutes of your time to give us some feedback about your reasons for unsubscribing. Email [email protected]

If you experience difficulties unsubscribing, drop us a line at [email protected] with your contact information included and we will be sure to fix that up for you.