Return to Online Reflections in 2021

Acceptance Sydney has returned to monthly online (Zoom) reflections on the first Friday of the month in November and December at 8pm instead of face to face Masses in light of the current Pandemic in NSW.  Please email your interest to participate in these reflections to Acceptance Sydney,
([email protected] ) and we will send you a Zoom link invitation.

We look forward to meeting online as a faith based LGBTIQ+ community.

Acceptance is a faith community existing for almost four decades, supporting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) Catholics, their family and friends.

By providing a safe, spiritual and social environment, through Acceptance, many GLBT Catholics have found reconciliation with their faith and sexuality.

The celebration of the Sacraments is central to our lives as Catholics. The Eucharist is a focal point of theAcceptance ministry through active participation in a weekly parish Mass.

In addition to this, Acceptance promotes social justice, fellowship and a Catholic identity for GLBT Catholics their family and friends

In a time when many homosexual and heterosexual Catholics are turning away from the Church, Acceptance's mission is to affirm the authenticity and dignity of GLBT Catholics in our church through liturgy, witness, and fellowship.