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Is homosexuality a choice?

What does the Catholic church teach about LGBTIQ people?

Praying the gay away!


A Catholic view on gay marriage

Sexuality, Certainty and Salvation

James Alison, Catholic priest and theologian, reflects on his own experience as a Gay

Catholic, on the givenness of sexual orientation, and on what he calls "the shape of God's

affection" in an interview to the Australian broadcaster ABC:



From Impossibility to Responsibility: Developing New Narratives for Gay Catholic Living.

James Alison asks: How are we going to create “parish” together? Going to create

communities where we, whose imaginations have so often been paralysed by

impossibility, can dare to imagine what might be good and fun for our sisters and

brothers, and actually start to create the sort of family values which give genuine glory to



The Fulcrum of Discovery or: How the “Gay Thing” is Good News for the Catholic Church

James Alison explores ways of going on a journey of discovery that teach us new things

by the very presence of gay people in the Church:


Towards a Church Apology for Gay Prejudice

Donal Godfrey SJ, San Francisco: Eureka Street 2008:


How an unusual American parish in San Francisco's gay district managed to include

gay and lesbian Catholic: Donal Godfrey SJ, 2008:


Additional Resources and Readings:

James Alison (b. 1959) is a Catholic theologian, priest and author:

New Ways Ministry:


Cherishing Life. Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales. London: CTS, 2004:


A Note Concerning the Teaching of the Catholic Church Concerning Homosexual People.

Cardinal Basil Hume 1997:


Always Our Children: A Pastoral Message to Parents of Homosexual Children and

Suggestions for Pastoral Ministers. U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Marriage and Family,September 10, 1997



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An Introduction to the Pastoral Care of Homosexual People. CBCEW Catholic Social

Welfare Commission, 1979: