Pope Francis' Approval for the Blessing of Same-Sex Couples

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Acceptance, the world's second oldest LGBTIQ+ Catholic organisation, warmly welcomes the Vatican's announcement of a new declaration approved by Pope Francis that allows LGBTIQ+ couples to be blessed by the Church. This is a testament to the Pope's pastoral approach to the LGBTIQ+ community.


Earlier this year, Acceptance received a special message of congratulations (via Sister Jeannie Gramic, a USA based nun) from Pope Francis on the occasion of our 50th anniversary. Pope Francis’ greeting was a delightful surprise. Acceptance has for over 50 years provided a welcoming ministry for LGBTIQ+ Catholics, ensuring that LGBTIQ+ people know they are loved and equal in God's eyes. 

We look forward to understanding more over time through the Church about how the blessing will be administered. The declaration, Fiducia Supplicans, notes that “God never turns away anyone who approaches him!” (Paragraph 33). It is a very important step that the Pope and the Church are recognising LGBTIQ+ people as loving, valuable human beings. This announcement will no doubt bring joy to many LGBTIQ+ Catholics across the world who seek a closer relationship with and acknowledgement by the Church.


Acceptance has active communities in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, providing a safe and welcoming space for LGBTIQ+ Catholics to celebrate their faith and know that they are part of God’s family. With this announcement, Acceptance looks forward to working with our allies and parish communities to further the inclusion of LGBTQ+ Catholics in the Church.

Noted below are links to statements made by other LGBTIQ+ Catholic organisations that you may be interested in reading: 


(*image re-produced with approval of wikipedia commons images)

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